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Belle certainly knows how to deep throat. Belle certainly loves to deepthoat the white cocks fucking up her face at the Ghetto Gaggers black whore fucking up party. All of Belle’s holes are open season and stretched to fuck by many cocks being shoved in to them. She gags and pukes during the deep throat fucking as the white dudes hard cocks are rammed into her throat. The final scene is the normal bukkake facial cum shots only in this video Belle swallows all of the ghettogaggers boys white nut muck and licks her lips afterwards. She can come back any time.

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Astaris Borne another black bitch hoe that thinks it is easy money opening her cunt and letting the dollars just pour into it or in other words doing anything in porn. Big mistake. She took the fucking lot and was made to earn every last cent of her fee. It must be said Astaris has probably never puked so much in her entire life and then to have that same vomit poured over her face once again whilst being slapped and spit on is not something she would like to be repeated. But check out the deep throating this whore is capable there is no doubt and she has been doing this for a long long time you can just see that. Watch Astaris Borne here at the Ghetto Gaggers face fucking fraternity.

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Black Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Moesha Deep Throating Gaggers Extreme Vomit Cumshot Facial Video

Hey guys… remember Moesha? Neither do I… Apparently she shot for us a little over a year ago and she was so forgettable that I had no idea who she was. It was awkward her talking to me remembering everything about me and the shoot last time yet I couldn’t remember a single thing about this dumb fuck. Well she knew that for her return visit she had to up the ante. So she gave up her ass this time around. Pauly and Gio pummeled her throat cunt and asshole good. We even broke her in with some DP. I’m sure our neighbors were close to filing a noise complaint with her screaming.
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Ricki Rockit is a fuckin’ boss. The chick has no limits and that’s what we love here. This chick was down for anything and trust me… when you give Jimmy a green light like that you know something fucked up is going to happen. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but trust me… some of you may end up barfing more than these whores do. Let’s just say it like this… aspiring Ghetto Gaggers whores should watch this video and learn from it. This whore just fucking rocked.
Ghetto Gaggers

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