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The reason Zahara Storm is sitting on our couch today is a depressing one. Her husband is not a nice guy. He uses her as a punching bag when he gets mad… but in his defense, she is a scandalous fucking dirtbag whore! Case in point, she’s here tonight, behind his back. This is why Jimmy will never get married. All you cunts are a bunch of deceptive pigs. Anyway, getting knocked around by hubby trained Zahara to be a good obedient bitch for us. What’s strange is that this weirdo craves the punishment. She can’t cum unless some dude is treating her like dogshit. Well, she came to the right place. That’s what we do.
Ghetto Gaggers

Black Ghetto Cunt Facially Fucked Abuse HD Vid Zahara Storm Ghetto Gaggers
Ghetto Gaggers Zahara Storm

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Latina Abuse Sephora Latinas Ass Sluts Blowjob Cock Choking HD Movies Download

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Sephora is Spanish but from Spain. She’s not from one of those South American places where there are sink holes mud slides and jungles filled with drug labs. When Mr. Drummond and Bootleg took it to her she was taken back. I think she just wanted a quick payday and realized that this was actually work. She made a huge mess which definitely stained her ego and pride along with her clothes. There were big cocks laying it into her Latina holes the entire shoot. Then cum just began raining down on her face and she sat there like she had seen better days and the days going forward would be the beginning of woes.

Latina Abuse Sephora

Ghetto Gaggers Buss Down Betty Ghetto Ebony Bitch Deep Throat Fucking HD Vids Downloads

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Buss Down Betty is literally a big fat mess. I didn’t know we were shooting hogs at Ghetto Gaggers now. I’m going to have to check with management on that… but I digress. Anyway does anyone know what the fuck buss down means? It’s gotta be hip hop for obese or dumb shit. She should just call herself Busted Betty because this bitch is fucking broken. Because her belly is extra large that means that more puke than normal can fit. This cow was spewing gunk left and right. It’s a good thing that white boys were face fucking her or she may have thought that chocolate cock was a snickers bar and ate that shit. I have to hand it to the crew. They were dealt a really shitty hand tonight but they pulled through. No one wanted to fuck her. You know you’re a disaster when guys don’t even want you to suck their dick. And here I thought fat chicks were like mopeds… fun to ride as long as no one is watching. I guess Buss Down proved that wrong. The good news… this skank was completely obliterated and humiliated. It’s really the only thing fat girls are good for right?

Ghetto Gaggers Buss Down Betty

Ava Kelly Latina Abuse Latinas Ho Bukkake Cum Facial HD Vids Download

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You guys know me… I hate these whores. I hate them before they even walk in the door but every once in a while… someone who isn’t a complete and utter cunt comes to work with us. Ava Kelly is that diamond in the rough. First off she’s extremely pretty. If she was smart she’d be doing something more than porn but fortunately for us she’s not. What she lacks in smarts she makes up in whoredom. She laid everything on the line and all holes were up for the taking. She must have been practicing sucking off mandingo cock because this bitch was deepthroating like a mother fucking champ. The anal? Bootleg was pounding that brown eye like a lubed up pussy. She claims that she’s only been taking it in the dumper for a couple months to please her boyfriend… so kudos to that mother fucker for opening your bitch up to the wonderful world of butt sex. These are the types of shoots that we have to appreciate as they happen because chances are the next whore is going to be a total fucking disaster.

Latina Abuse Ava Kelly

Cum Facial Starla Knight Dirty Pussy Deepthroated Gag Hi-Def Video

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Whore #1 flaked and then came Starla rushing in like a Knight to save the shoot. In other words she was a back up hoe. She was nervous but stepped up to the plate anyway. I don’t even recall much about her. But then again as soon as I’m done with these shoots I don’t even think about these whores. It’s like worrying about stepping on your lawn when you get the mail; it’s too trivial to worry about. I recall balls on the chin over and over and her moaning from the repeated thrusting of fat cocks. Then we all nutted on her face and this cute little retard was covered in goo.

Cum Facial Starla Knight

Jacqui Banks Ghetto Gaggers Ghetto Ebony Slag Cock Gagger HD Vids Download

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Jacqui Banks is a self loathing black chick that has been abused in her personal life by black men and because of that… won’t fuck them. Sorry brothas This makes her work today bitter sweet. Bitter in the sense that she’s going to get her ass kicked and relive the horror of her younger years… but sweet is the fact that it’s with a white guy. One thing for sure is this girl knows how to put down a cock. She deep throated Harker’s cock like it was nothing and that dude is packing like 10 inches… and let me tell you Pauly Harker went berzerker style on this bitch. They weren’t slaps as much as crosses and hooks. She took it though… like a good obedient little bitch. Then he busted a big load all over her shamed black face.

Ghetto Gaggers Jacqui Banks

Cheap Streetmeat Bitches Deepthroat Blowjobs HD Vids Download Dahlia Denyle Cum Facial

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Dahlia Denyle is a beautiful Palestinian cocksucker. It’s a rare treat when you get someone from that region as the women are usually so repressed a porno is out of the question; especially a porno where a hoe is taking a cock into her whore throat. With Dahlia Denyle being Palestinian I wanted to see how well she could throw a rock because everytime I flip on Fox News I always see a Palestinian throwing a rock at a tank. She tossed that rock like The Unit. We knew she was legit off the boat mid eastern then. She took a good pounding and that tight Arab pussy was punished by a big thrusting Irish cock. Then she took a nut to the face that was so big it looked like she was wearing a burka made of cum.

Cum Facial Dahlia Denyle

Cum Facial Nicoletta Frost Cheap Nasty Hoe Deep Throat HD Videos Downloads

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Nicoletta Frost is a beat useless submissive slut who’s agent gassed her up to make her believe she is more than she is. First of all she is unattractive. Second she is not physically fit. Last she completely sucks at sex. Why this dumb shit thinks she can be a porn star is beyond me. It’s days like this that I feel bad for Bootleg. Nicoletta has a really small mouth. It’s so small that she has to open wide to put a straw in her mouth. Bootleg referred to her mouth as the meat grinder. We tried to make the best of the situation but you can’t polish a turd. What she lacked in face fucking skills she made up for in ass fucking. There honestly wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do. It’s just a shame she’s so fucking beat.

Cum Facial Nicoletta Frost

Felicia Fallon Cum Facial Cheapass Whores Blowjob Cock Choking Hi-Def Movies

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Felicia Fallon is doing her first extreme scene today and doing her first DP. The whore never tested her limits before and today she was pushed beyond what is dignified. The whore got her little sexy face smacked until it was as pink as a berry. Then the cocks were rammed down her throat until she couldn’t even make a noise. That is the sound of real face fucking… Silence. After all her holes got worked over it was time to apply massive amounts of cum to her conceited valley girl bimbo face. She was aptly covered and brought back down to earth.

Cum Facial Felicia Fallon

Cum Facial Bianca Sage Dirty Hoes Multiple Cum Facials HD Vidz Download

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Bianca Sage is as stupid as she is ugly. I’m assuming we found this troll eating billy goats underneath a bridge. Honestly we should have left her there. She delivered the type of performance that someone of her caliber would expect. Seriously she doesn’t care about her appearance why would she care about the quality of a porn scene? Part of me wanted to drop the camera so I can claim tech failure and not shoot her but then the optimist in me is hoping that there’s a niche for ugly. If so we fucking nailed it

Cum Facial Bianca Sage

Latina Milf Beaver Blowjob Cock Choking HD Vids Download Allaura Sweet Latina Abuse

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Allaura Sweet is pretty new to the whore circuit. she only did a few scenes before but never something quite like this. I think she was shocked when it all started. I think she was excited too. She took a hard pummeling. Slapped spit on choked you name it. Then we left her to marinate in the bubbly cumshots that were dripping down her forehead

Latina Abuse Allaura Sweet

Latina Abuse Raquel2 Latina Porn Bitches Deepthroat Gagging Vomiting Hi-Def Vid

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For starters Racquel looks better this time than she did the first. I wasn’t here then but I’ve seen the pictures. She definitely got her shit together over the 5 years since her last visit. What she didn’t do in that time was bother to learn our language. She barely spoke a lick of English so Jimmy had to hire a translator. Too fucking funny As far as the action Racquel took it like a champ. She stepped up her game (as did we) and made one sloppy ass video for you to enjoy.

Latina Abuse Raquel2

Jhzaria Cum Facial Cheapskate Slut Deep Throat Gag Barfing HD Movies Download

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Jhazira is an Indian. Not the kind that go woo woo woo woo and ride horses but the kind you see on TV with a swarm of flies flying around their mouths. This little whore got leashed up and was taken for a walk. She even had an accident which I had to smear her face in. Her tight little curry asshole was torn wide open by Big Reds cock. She squealed like she just saw Ganesh. Her eyes filled with tears as her ass was owned. Her head was pushed down on a huge cock so many times her brown skin turned purple. She looked up at us with a look that said Ohh my god I am nothing but a piece of shit. She was hating herself more now than before. That meant she was ready for a dose of semen to add to the humiliation. As the nut hit her face she looked up with such somber eyes and kept looking up as nut after nut hit her drenched face.

Cum Facial Jhzaria

Maritza Latina Abuse Latina Maid Cunt Multiple Cum Facials HD Vids Downloads

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Maritza is off the banana boat from Colombia. Something happened to her during child birth and she has 1 1/8 a vagina. There is the normal hole and then there is another hole to the left about a pencils width somewhere between her thigh and her asshole. I call it the seepage pit. I didn’t even notice it until Big Red tossed her on her back. I was like WTF is that?? So of course I had to see what it was being the curious person I am. So after she got destroyed from ass fucking and face fucking Big Red and Donkey Dick shot their loads all over her pussy and we used a device to suck up the cum and we shot it into her seepage pit. The cum went in there and then came out her pussy hole It was like playing pin ball when the ball goes in a hole and pops out of nowhere. This caused me somewhat of a brain scar but I am sure I will heal in time

Latina Abuse Maritza

Breanna Cum Facial Skanky Beyatches Multiple Cock Bukkake Facials HD Movie Downloads

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Breanna is doing her first extreme scene tonight. She did some amateur stuff before for some guy with a camera so I don’t know if you would call that a porno and technically this is her first time. He was so eager to please too. I guess an abusive past must have lead to that. You could tell she was used to getting insults hurled at her back and forth and just took it. She knew she was a pig and a cock in her face making her puke just enforced that in her. She kept on going even though tears of shame made her re-think what she was doing. She then got fucked good and ended up being a pile of cum slop. Look at her as she sits there wincing at every degrading bubble of cum that hits her face. She’s a pig and nothing more.

Cum Facial Breanna